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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

P A P E R C U T S & Plaster 30 June - 08 July 2012

The amazing artist Alana Lake (visit Alana Lake's Website) curated the exhibition P A P E R C U T S & Plaster in Dogliani, Cuneo, Italy, during her residency at Antico Borgo, Art Living Hotel, Monchiero (project in collaboration with curator of martin Martini Art Internazionale Patrizia Bottallo). 
The exhibition is part of Our Dark Chamber, artistic platform in evolution created and developed by Lake.

The artists participating (all chosen by Lake) are: Alana Lake / A.M. Hanson / Chris Russell / Clara Turchi / Joey Bryniarska / Kraig Wilson / Michael Petry / Richard Ducker / Roberto Ekholm / Rob Leech / Tom Brown / Tracy McEachran.

Below you can read the PR:

P A P E R C U T S & Plaster is group exhibition narrated predominately by works on paper. 

Presenting a point of reflection for the viewer to perceive how the artist works within a hybrid balance of revealing and concealing their concerns, presenting ‘a shadow of hope, a glimmer of despair?’ (Jean Baudrillard) a concept expanded through the unique delicacy of the medium on which they are composed. 

These works are a platform in which hiddenness presents itself, a paradoxical manifestation that is synonymously the unifying catalyst and diveded between the revealed and concealed, and/or what is apparent and what is anonymous.

Here is the link to an article by Marco Roascio about the exhibition Dogliani: Paper Cuts, ovvero la discontinuit√† espositiva