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Thursday, 22 September 2011

-Grafie. The full Exhibition

Taking the risk of repeating myself, the job done by curators Giulia Flavia Baczynski and Giuseppe Gradella for the show -Grafie has been excellent. From the choice of the exhibiting artists to the careful planning of the actual space that has hosted the art and the organisation of side events such as conferences on themes related to the exhibition, Giulia Baczynski and Giuseppe Gradella have been able to put in place a very high quality and equally interesting exhibition. 

-Grafie will travel to other locations and is itself the second appointment of a series of exhibitions that will see the addition of new artists and new exhibiting solutions at each new leg.

Images below by Giuseppe Gradella.

Installation plans by the curators. On the left, the first leg of the exhibition, on the right the second leg.

Libero Cecchini during one of the conferences




Marco Introini talking at one of the conferences organized during the exhibition







Tuesday, 6 September 2011

-Grafie. Exhibition

3-11 September 2011 at the Fiera Millenaria, Gonzaga, Italy

An excellent job has been done by curators Giulia Flavia Baczynski and Giuseppe Gradella for the exhibition -Grafie. Architettura per Immagini at the Fiera Millenaria 2011 in Gonzaga, Mantua.
Eight photographers have been asked to explore the relationship between architecture and the natural and human environment focusing on the marks (grafie) left by each of these elements on the others. Through the exhibition the public is invited to explore these marks and how they form the delicate equilibrium in which we, human, can inscribe ourselves through the architectonic symbol.
The two curators are architects themselves and both take part to the exhibition with their personal works.

More photos of the entire show to come. Following Photos by Alessandra Ricci (except the last, by Giulia Flavia Baczynski)

On the left, 4 photo-graphites of the series Metaphysical Support (please see my website claraturchiphotography/photo-graphites). On the right, 2 new images from the series Degree of Disappearance (analog prints from large format negatives)

From Degree of Disappearance (another new image on the left). All analog prints

Degree of Disappearance and other 4 photo-graphites (scraped-off photographs) from Metaphysical Support